Jewelry Repair and Maintenance Services

jewelry inspectionWe understand the importance of keeping your most treasured jewelry pieces looking their best. Over time, all pieces require some form of maintenance due to regular wear.

At Jean’s, we encourage our customers to regularly have jewelry checked and cleaned by professionals. This is especially true before going on vacation or longer trips, where lost pieces, breakage, and other jewelry complications could result in unrepairable outcomes.

Jewelry Cleaning

Prior to cleaning pieces at Jean’s, we assess jewelry using an eye loupe for professional jewelers. If a piece is extremely detailed, dirty, or damaged, we have additional equipment to assist with our evaluation, including a microscope. Following our detailed review, we discuss our findings with the customer, including any potential issues. If we believe your jewelry cannot be safely cleaned due to risks, we will not proceed. Following evaluation, we will clean jewelry using jeweler-specific equipment and cleaning products. We also offer ring buffing to remove minor scratches and wear.

In addition to cleaning services, Jean’s Jewelers has offered jewelry repair services for nearly 20 years. Many of these services can be completed in-house, on-the-spot, while others are hand delivered to our trusted bench jeweler for repair. Unlike many large jewelry chains, we work to have your pieces finished within a week’s time, if possible. During that time, our professional staff will provide status updates on repairs, pending customer inquiries. We have highlighted a few of our services below.

Ring Repairs

Ring Resizing:

jewelry repair and ring resizingResizing rings is one of the most common jewelry repairs handled at Jean’s Jewelers. Although all repairs are subjective to individual pieces, most sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum rings can be resized smaller or larger.

For rings that need to become larger in size, there are two methods our jeweler can provide. If going up less than a ¼ of a size, sometimes ½ depending on the ring, stretching the ring slightly with professional equipment is the most advantageous option.

If the ring needs to be increased by more, jewelers must cut the ring, provide additional pieces of metal, and then solder directly into the gap. From there, the ring is sized, polished, rhodium plated (if applicable), and all visual signs of soldering is removed.

For those not yet ready to resize rings, Jean’s offers “guards” that can be applied to ring bottoms and assist with tightening rings that are too loose. If you have a ring that is too tight and will not come off your finger, do not force the ring beyond comfort level. Instead, please stop by the store and have Jean assist with cutting the ring safely from your finger.

prong retippingProng Replacement or Re-Tipping:

Ring prongs are often compared to the tires on our cars. Eventually, they will wear down. Additionally, prongs can be bent, caught on things, or simply broken. It is important to have your prongs regularly checked by professionals to ensure they remain strong, or that you are made aware when they start to flatten or break.

Because all prongs wear, Jean’s typically encourages customers to have all prongs re-tipped at the same time. This ensures that customers are getting a new “set of tires” that are ready to handle the outside world once again. This also ensures a uniform prong look.

jewelry cleaningA good way to tell if your prongs are ready for re-tipping is to gently rub your fingers across the top of your ring. If everything is smooth, flat, and even with your stone – chances are you’re ready for maintenance work! When in doubt, stop by Jean’s and have one of our staff members evaluate.

Depending on the type of ring customers have, it is sometimes more cost effective to purchase a new ring semi-mount, rather than have all prongs re-tipped or rebuilt. If this is the case, we work with customers to research mountings that closely resemble, or are as equally desired by the client. This is called head replacement and can also be used when both prongs and ring shank are too worn down.

Rhodium Plating:

Rhodium plating, also known as rhodium flashing, is a process where jewelers provide a fine layer of rhodium to silver, white gold, or platinum to increase durability. Rhodium is a precious metal that costs much more than gold, and provides chrome-like reflective color that gives your jewelry sparkle and shine!

Although often used on rings, many other pieces of jewelry may be rhodium plated. With regular wear, rhodium will wear off in time and need to be re-applied. Plating your jewelry is part of regular maintenance.

jewelry repairAdditional repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing ½ or full ring shanks.
  • Soldering two rings together.
  • Providing safety chains for bracelets.
  • Tightening necklace and bracelet clasps.
  • Supplying magnetic clasps for bracelets and necklaces.
  • Restringing pearls (knotted and unknotted).
  • Tightening stones (channel sets, center stones, side stones, bezels, epoxy pearls).
  • Changing earring backs (friction posts, non-pierced screw backs, screw posts, etc.).
  • Repairing pins and broaches.
  • Jewelry appraisals.

If you don’t see something, just ask! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are ready to assist you in your repairing needs. While many jewelers will NOT repair items that were purchased from other stores, WE understand that jewelry may be sentimental, even if it did not come from us. Through regular maintenance and repair, Jean’s Jewelers will help keep your favorite pieces looking their best – so you can continue to pass them down to your loved ones year after year.